Gifts to Jumpstart Self Care Routines

Gifts to Jumpstart Self Care Routines

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If gifting food and drink isn't your thing, helping your loved one settle into a self care routine is an option with a much longer shelf life. For loved ones who recently started something new, or are have been talking your ear off about goals for the new year, here are a few gift ideas that say "I'm paying attention, and you've got my support."


For your loved one who recently started taking a probiotic, a convenient solution for cold storage can be a game-changer. Leading probiotic products typically recommend cold storage to preserve the formula’s potency, but continuous daily use is just as important, so you don't want your high potency probiotics hiding behind other items in your family fridge.

6 can mini-fridges are all the rage right now, fitting neatly on bathroom counters and providing a dedicated space for your loved one's favorite health and beauty products. Refrigerated skin care products also the skin more than a room-temperature product.

Our top pick: Frigidaire’s Retro Mini Fridge is our favorite, and the 6-can version has the perfect amount of space to store your favorite products. You can find these in just about any major retail store or on Amazon.

Cold Storage Bag

Keeping your products cold while at home can be an easy task, but what happens when you travel? It’s an issue with few solutions - you can’t just pack up the fridge, and most coolers take up too much space. Thankfully lunch and snack bags are an excellent option for travel needs whether you’re going to work, taking a road trip, or hopping on a flight.

Our top pick: Packit’s freezable line of products offers a wide variety of portable options. The freezable snack bag and box are just the right size for health and beauty products, or for a fresh veggie snack!

Wellness Journal

Have a lot on your mind? Write it down. Journaling can be used as a coping mechanism for stress and anxiety. According to a University of Rochester Medical Center article, when you have a problem and are stressed, journaling can help identify the triggers and ways to control them. The practice is also a great way to keep track of life and wellness, career, and personal goals.

Our top pick: Papier’s Wellness Journal is a great option to incorporate mindfulness into a daily routine. Each page helps with reflection and jotting down thoughts, feelings, goals, habits, and all the things to be grateful for.

Breathing Exercise App

Practicing breathing exercises is a great way to relieve accumulated stress. The right exercises can help calm anxiety and improve sleeping patterns. And in today’s age of technological innovation, information about breathing is readily available through several smart device apps!

A bonus of breathwork apps is that you can set push notifications as a daily or twice-daily reminder to take a breath. If remembering a supplement product or self-care activity is a challenge, consider pairing these habits with a daily breathing practice and using that push notification as a reminder to support both.

Our top pick: A Breathwrk subscription is a gift that keeps on giving. There’s a library full of quick and effective techniques that can be used, for breathwork beginners and experts alike!

For other gifting ideas for your loved ones, check out The Home Edit and The Gut Edit gift guides.

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