Lung Cancer Awareness Month: How to Get Involved

Lung Cancer Awareness Month: How to Get Involved

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November is Lung Cancer Awareness Month. Though lung cancer is estimated to be the number one killer among all kinds of cancer worldwide, just 29 percent in the USA are aware of this. More disturbingly, even though people who smoke are at greater risk of getting it, lung cancer is also known to occur in those who have never smoked. If this is a cause near to you or you want to be involved, here are some ways.

Become an advocate

Use your advocacy skills to raise awareness about lung cancer and the importance of reducing risk from various factors that contribute to it.

Share your story

Lung cancer patients benefit from stories of survivors, so share your story and become an advocate for defeating the condition.

Volunteer to teach

Become part of the effort to reach out to children in schools and educate them about the risks to the lungs and how to mitigate them.


The American Lung Association’s ambitious LUNG FORCE program unites women and their loved ones against lung cancer and for lung health.

Donate and fundraise

American Lung Association and several other such organizations are involved in research and multiple initiatives to combat lung cancer. You could choose to donate, help organize, or participate in their fundraising programs.

Share on social media

Carry social media posts to create awareness about both lung cancer and lung cancer awareness month. Many organizations involved in this also have various campaigns for the month, benefiting from social media awareness.

Wear a ribbon

White, pearl, or a clear ribbon is the signifier of lung cancer. Wear it prominently. It might seem like a token, but it will broadcast that you are advocating for the cause of lung cancer prevention. At the least, it is a conversation starter and can create awareness of the problem.

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