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What are the best practices for taking probiotics?

What are the best practices for taking probiotics?

Amit Gaggar MD PhD
2 minute read

Creating a routine is key.

Probiotics provide the most health benefits when taken regularly. The idea behind taking a probiotic around the same time each day is that it helps you create a habit and allows you to space out dosing appropriately.

The dose and frequency of use may vary, so be sure to pay attention to the recommendations associated with your specific probiotic blend. You should be able to find these recommendations on the bottle or package.

Food or no food? Do what’s best for you.

While some probiotics specify whether they should be consumed with or without food, there isn’t significant evidence supporting either method and the efficacy. We recommend trying both to determine what feels best for your body and is easiest to incorporate consistently in your daily routine.

Cold storage can be beneficial.

Not every probiotic formula is built the same - several factors impact the viability. Some strains die quickly if exposed to extremely high temperatures, while some are considered more stable and live through dissonant conditions. Still, cold storage seems to be advantageous for most probiotic efficacy over time.

This does not mean that cold storage probiotics are inherently less sensitive in the human body due to increased temperature. In fact, the heat and moisture in the body provide excellent conditions for the growth of these helpful bacteria. For example, many lactobacillus strains have been shown to flourish in the gastrointestinal tract.

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