Where to Travel: Good Air USA Holiday Destinations

Where to Travel: Good Air USA Holiday Destinations

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Spring is a great time for taking a break, traveling, exploring, relaxing, and rejuvenating. For those of us with respiratory conditions, traveling can be fraught with anxiety considering potential triggers for flare-ups. The most pertinent of these potential triggers is air quality. (For air quality in your city, check this.) Here are some of the best good air USA holiday destinations to add to your list.

Burlington, Vermont

Vermont ranks high among all the states, but the Burlington area is considered the cleanest places for air quality. In fact, in 2019, it recorded zero days with unhealthy ozone levels, and its particle pollution has also been steadily declining.

Springfield, MA, Williston, ND and Minot, ND

Tied at second place, all three of these cities are known for their clean air due to local regulations. However, Williston is sometimes afflicted by heavy smoke from wildfires, while power plants near Minot impact air quality, so it's always best to check local conditions before visiting.

Evanston, Wyoming

For the last four years, the state has been steadily imposing regulations to control air pollution and clean up the air. These regulations seem to be bearing results, with Evanston becoming one of the cleanest cities in the state and in the country.

Juneau, Alaska

Due to its northern location, the state's pristine air is sometimes marred by pollution caused by cruise liners. However, the city has maintained its stellar air quality and is a beautiful place to holiday.

Seattle Area, Washington

Though dogged by heavy smoke that can cause acute discomfort during wildfire season, the area has one of the cleanest air qualities in the winter months.

Rochester, New York

Over the last two decades, the city has steadfastly and consistently reduced air pollutants released from coal-burning power plants and other sources. It also increased cars with cleaner tailpipe emissions, contributing to the overall improvement of air quality.

In addition to these, some other cities which rank high with clean air include Portsmouth (Ohio), Boston area (Massachusetts), Richmond (Virginia), Portland (Oregon), Norwich area (Connecticut), Bangor (Maine), Sioux Falls (South Dakota), Scranton area (Pennsylvania), Orlando area (Florida), Honolulu area (Hawaii), Napa (California), Baltimore area (Maryland) and territories like Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands.

If you have COPD, asthma, or another chronic respiratory illness, it's worth considering the air quality of the places you visit.

It's also great to always make sure to pack your resB Lung Support, a holistic tool to help with respiratory health. 

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