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Mobilizing an Ecosystem to Support Your World Within

ResBiotic is the product of over a decade of research at the intersection of lung health and microbiome science. Our interdisciplinary team is pioneering products that target the gut-lung axis to transform the conversation around lung health.

Meet The Team

A Brief History of ResBiotic

Academic Origin Story

Physician Scientist C Vivek Lal MD FAAP, together with colleagues at the University of Alabama at Birmingham in the Pulmonary Microbiome Lab, Microbiome Center, Lung Health Center, and Translational Research in Normal and Disordered Development (TReNDD),has been studying the microbiome as it relates to lung health for over a decade.

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Formulating the world’s first ResBiotic™

Over the last few years, Dr. Lal and his team developed and tested proprietary probiotic strains to support lung health. The strains have been tested independently, as a blend, and in combination with bioactive botanicals to develop an optimal formulation that supports lung structure and function.*

Dr. Lal founded ResBiotic™ in 2020 to make his innovation accessible to the public.

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Introducing resB™ Lung Support

In October 2021, the company announced its first product, resB™ Lung Support: a science-backed probiotic supplement for gut, lung, and immune health.

At this time, the company also announced the spin out of pharmaceutical subsidiary Alveolus Bio. While ResBiotic remains focused on consumer health products, Alveolus Bio will pursue the development of breakthrough therapies for chronic lung disease.

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Core Values

Results First

As scientists and operators, data is at the core of our decision making processes. With a bias for action and the patience for iteration, we prioritize efficacy and integrity in all things.

Breathe Easy

ResBiotic strives to make lung health easier and more accessible. Our ethos is simple and judgement free, every step of the way.

Radical Candor

Direct, open, and honest communication builds trust with customers, and also within our team. We don't shy away from tough conversations - the only true failure is one we failed to identify and learn from.

Mission Driven Team

ResBiotic is made up of amazing individuals, but it's how we come together that makes us truly great. We bring genuine care, curiosity, and creativity to our work, which makes things fun for customers and team members alike.

Our Team

A healthy blend of scientists and physicians, creators, and storytellers, operators and advisors.

C Vivek Lal MD FAAP
Founder and CEO
Amit Gaggar MD PhD
Chief Medical Officer
Maggie Belshé
Chief Customer Officer
Nina Rance
Chief of Staff
Thea Nicola MD, PhD, MBA
Lead Scientist
Eli Rechanik
Director, Business Development
Stephenie Samudio
Fulfillment Manager
Brenna Jorgensen
Customer Experience Manager
Lauren Brackin
Marketing Manager
Brother Swagler
Multimedia Designer
Namasivayam Ambalavanan MD
Scientific Advisor (Pediatric Lung Disease)
Yvonne Huang MD
Scientific Advisor (Microbiome, Adult Lung Disease)
Nirmal Sharma MD
Scientific Advisor (Lung Transplant)
Kent Willis MD
Scientific Advisor (Gut-Lung Axis, Mycobiome)
Mike Wells MD
Scientific Advisor (Clinical Trials, Adult Lung Disease)
Casey Morrow PhD
Scientific Advisor (Microbiome)