The Science Behind ResBiotic™: Innovating for Your Gut

  • Microbiome (n): A community of commensal, symbiotic, and pathogenic bacteria

    Did you know that a healthy human body contains more bacterial cells than human ones? We're outnumbered in our own bodies! The world around us influences the microbes present in and on our body from the moment we take our first breath. In turn, those microbes are continually influencing our health.

  • The difference between prebiotics and probiotics

    Probiotics: Living strains of bacteria that add to the population of good bacteria in your digestive system. 


    Prebiotics: Specialized ingredients that act as food for the good bacteria. In essence, prebiotics enhance the growth of probiotic bacteria!

  • Probiotics aren't just for your gut anymore.

    People have been consuming live probiotics for gut health for centuries in the form of fermented foods. In recent decades, scientists have discovered that gut microbes also play essential roles in other bodily systems. By breaking down fiber in the gut to make molecules that circulate throughout the whole body, probiotic bacteria can influence bodily functions ranging from immune response to mental wellbeing, skin health, metabolic health, and even lung and heart health!

  • Pioneers of the ‘Gut-X Axis’

    The physician-scientists behind ResBiotic® were among the first to sequence the microbiomes of different organs, such as the lungs. They also examined the dynamic connections between gut health and the health of other organs through the ‘gut-x axis’ (for example, the gut-lung axis). 

    Our founder Dr. Vivek Lal and his team of scientists collaborated to better understand better the role of the microbiome in regulating inflammatory pathways, and first developed a blend that scientifically supports lung structure and function through the gut-lung axis. This led to the launch of resB® Lung Support. Since then, the same team has developed new formulations for other health targets to be launched by ResBiotic® *.

  • Our Flagship Formulas

    Clinically validated resB® Lung Support contains a proprietary blend of well-studied probiotic strains and ancient herbs scientifically engineered to support lung structure and function, gut health, and immune health.* Our extensive preclinical and clinical data obtained through rigorous in vitro testing and human clinical trials make resB® one of the most rigorously studied probiotic supplements today. 

    prebeet® is your daily 4-in-1 microbiome boost containing prebiotic fiber, beet root, and vitamin B12 to encourage regular bowel movements, supercharge your energy, restore skin balance, and improve heart health with its clinically studied all-natural formulation.

Not All Prebiotics & Probiotics Are Created Equally

The Highest Standards for Quality & Research

From ingredient sourcing, preclinical testing, and product formulation to third-party stability testing, we collaborate with the world’s leading scientists, research partners, and manufacturers. We do all this to develop the first microbiome-based, clinically validated nutritional interventions for day-to-day health.

  • Ingredient Sourcing and Development

    Our ingredient library and probiotic strains are maintained with ResBiotic® proprietary deposits, all backed by clinical (in vivo) and laboratory (in vitro) proof of concept and safety data. Our blends are formulated by optimizing indicative biomarker responses in human tissue cells to optimize benefits across recipes.

  • Our Proprietary Formulas

    Each formulation contains ingredients produced in a cGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Processes) environment by FDA-certified suppliers, specifically processed for extended stability and formula longevity. The prebiotic, probiotic, and postbiotic ingredients and botanical extracts combine to create truly unique formulations tailored toward different systemic benefits, such as lung and heart support.

  • Production and Manufacturing

    ResBiotic® blends are produced at a massive scale via blending and biofermentation by optimizing fermentation temperature, pH, mother culture purity, ingredient stability, and other factors. Ingredients are evaluated and precision blended to yield a consistent result every time.

  • Quality and Fulfillment

    Every batch is analyzed for impurities, and pathogens, precision blended according to current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) from FDA-complaint manufacturing facilities, and sent to you from our FDA-registered fulfillment center. We only release products that have met stringent quality, purity, and analytical testing requirements to the public.

Meet the Scientists

  • Dr. C. Vivek Lal

    Founder & CEO

  • Dr. Amit Gaggar

    Chief Medical Officer

  • Dr. Thea Nicola

    Director, Lab Operations

  • Dr. Namasivayam Ambalavanan

    Advisor (Pediatric Lung Disease)

    Endowed Professor & Virginia Walker Chair in Pediatrics, University of Alabama at Birmingham

  • Dr. Yvonne Huang

    Advisor (Microbiome, Adult Lung Disease)

    Associate Professor, Pulmonary & Critical Care Medicine & Director Huang Microbiome Lab, University of Michigan

  • Dr. Nirmal Sharma

    Advisor (Lung Transplant)

    Assistant Professor Medical Director Lung Transplantation Program, Brigham & Women’s, Harvard University

  • Dr. Kent Willis

    Advisor (Gut-Lung Axis, Mycobiome)

    Assistant Professor & Director, Willis Lung Lab, University of Alabama at Birmingham

  • Dr. Mike Wells

    Advisor (Clinical Trials, Adult Lung Disease)

    Associate Professor, Pulmonary & Critical Care Medicine, University of Alabama at Birmingham

  • Dr. Casey Morrow

    Advisor (Microbiome)

    Professor Emeritus, Microbiome Resource Center & Cell Development & Integrative Biology, University of Alabama at Birmingham

Clinical Studies

Completed and ongoing studies of resB® Lung Support include

This was a randomized, open-label clinical trial in Cork, Ireland with healthy and asthmatic patients who took one resB® capsule twice daily (one in the morning, one at night) for one month.

Primary outcomes include testing safety measures. All participants tolerated the blend without adverse events.

Exploratory outcomes investigated changes in gut microbiota, serum MMP-9 and cytokines, CRP, lung function, oxygen levels, and changes in quality of life.

Completed 2022 – View Results

This is a multi-center randomized control trial in the United States with a dosing period of three months.

Primary outcomes center on change in quality of life.

Exploratory outcomes investigate clinical improvement markers (e.g., FEV1/FVC), gut and
lung microbiota, systemic and pulmonary biomarker changes (e.g., MMP-9, CRP,
cytokines, etc.)

This is a single-center randomized control trial in India with a dosing period of 14 days.

Primary outcomes center around pneumonia incidence and prognosis in elderly population in an acute care setting.

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