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Here are 5 reasons ResBiotic® subscriptions will change your life

1. Breathe Easier and Boost your Immune System

Our cardio-respiratory systems are impacted by many seemingly harmless activities that affect our quality of life. Someone with a healthy heart, lungs, and a higher lung capacity will find themselves able to breathe more easily and get less out of breath. With ResBiotic® products, you may laugh longer, move faster, exercise better, sleep calmly, and of course, breathe easier*. But we don’t stop there! ResBiotic® supplements boost your immune system to fight and eliminate disease-causing microorganisms and toxins.*

Sammy  H, Tampa, Florida

I have had chronic lung issues and wheezing my entire adult life. I am unable to take inhaled steroids, which is the normal treatment protocol because I have rare severe side effects. So instead I follow a strict diet and take supplements to help my breathing. Unfortunately, I would still cough many times, feel flemmy and suffer with wheezing and restricted airflow. A friend sent me info on your product. I was pretty much willing to try anything as I had already tried everything to reduce symptoms. Skeptically, I started taking it. A few days of taking it, I noticed breathing felt easier. It almost felt cool in my lungs. Now a few months in, my coughing is greatly reduced. I don't have to worry about sitting near an exit in case I get a coughing fit and need to run out quickly to cough uncontrollably. I still have asthma and there are still things that set me off but this has definitely been a game changer.

2. Body Comfort with Less Bloat, Improved Regularity, and Clear Skin

If you’ve struggled with an intolerance to dairy or carbs, felt bloated or gassy after meals, had hard or irregular bowel movements, or your body just doesn’t react well to indulgent foods, read closely. Your body may be screaming for you to include prebiotic fermentable fiber (found in ResBiotic® supplements!) that feeds the good bugs in your gut, helping to increase healthy gut bacteria.

Fiber serves as fuel for these vital bacteria that improve gut barrier function and lining permeability, of the gut lining or Leaky Gut, resulting in reduced constipation and diarrhea. This helps correct microbiome imbalances and improves digestion.* Repairing your gut also decreases collagen breakdown to support collagen integrity.*

p. Buckles, San Francisco, CA

I’m going to the bathroom regularly, in a good way Great for boosting my digestion. Typically, I struggle with daily BM’s but this has really helped my regularity, making me feel lighter and ready to tackle the day without feeling plugged up. My skin also seems smoother!

3. Unlocked Motivation from Natural Energy

Whether due to a lack of sleep or the midday crash caffeine often causes, you need natural energy to support your motivation with nutrients that won’t bring you down, cause jitters, or leave you unfocused. Without caffeine or sugar, whole beets and methylated B12 found in prebeet® supercharge energy all day through enhanced nitric oxide and blood flow, nervous system function, energy metabolism, and brain and mood health.*

Danielle Roy, Seattle, Washington

LOVE LOVE LOVE! I absolutely love this product. It’s a total game changer. I think I’ve been a coffee addict for about 10 years now and I’ve tried so many products as a substitute. The first time taking it, I felt alert and awake but not in the jittery way you usually feel with coffee. There was no tension. After I take it in the morning, I get in the zone within an hour and feel good all day!

4. Stronger Heart Health for a Longer Life

ResBiotic® products leverage whole beetroot powder instead of beet juice like other prebiotics in order to deliver optimal fiber and micronutrients that your body needs to thrive.* Beets have long been celebrated for their performance-enhancing abilities, driven by increasing nitric oxide production within the body. Beets increase nitric oxide which helps positively impact circulation, blood flow, and energy, resulting in a stronger circulatory system and a stronger you.

Sherrie Jean, Jacksonville, Florida

Goes great with your daily morning routine. ResBiotic gives me a nice, clear mind and really makes me feel like I have super powers in terms of my energy and how my body feels. Getting older, I feel like my body is constantly on the verge of shutting down in one way or another and their products make me feel like I’m taking control back! Have turned a bunch of my colleagues onto it as well and they're all hooked.

5. Improved Sleep for your Mental Health

We believe you deserve to feel your best every day, and a big part of that is your sleep which can be interrupted by labored breathing. With ResBiotic® helping you breathe better, your sleep will improve which will result in your health staying strong, helping you maintain your goal weight, lowering your risk for serious health problems, reducing your stress and improving your mood.*

Fred B. New York, New York

It actually works.  I have tried a few things like this. This is the first to do what it says it would. I’m buying more.

Take the Hassle out of your Wellness Routine

resB ®
Gut-Lung Support

resB® is the world’s #1 clinically proven and pulmonologist-recommended lung probiotic supplement. Our top-selling breath restorative formula combines live probiotic bacteria strains (RSB11®, RSB12®, and RSB13®) with ancient herbs to help your respiratory system expand easily, improve digestion, and strengthen your immunity response.*

resB® Lung Support is the result of multi-year research by our founder, Dr. Vivek Lal, and his team of scientists, who mapped the gut microbiome's role in regulating inflammatory pathways to scientifically support the lung structure and function through the gut-lung axis.

Ingredients: Lactiplantibacillus plantarum RSB11®, Lactobacillus acidophilus RSB12®, Lacticaseibacillus rhamnosus RSB13®, Vasaka (Adhatoda vasica) leaf extract, Holy Basil (Ocimum sanctum) leaf extract, Turmeric (Curcuma longa) root extract

Gut-Systems Support

Developed by world-class physicians on a mission to transform whole body health through science-backed microbiome remedies. prebeet® supports and repairs the microbiome, improving energy levels, digestive health, skin appearance, and heart and circulatory health.* The prebeet® proprietary blend of clinically studied ingredients acts as a wellness formula for your whole body in the convenience of a simple, one-minute daily habit.

Ingredients: Resistant Potato Starch Prebiotic (Solnul™), Pure Whole Beetroot (PowderPure™), Vitamin B12 (Methylcobalamin), Natural berry flavors (assorted berries), Natural steviol glycosides (rebaudioside M), Naturally-occurring silicon dioxide