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Our rigorous scientific analysis and testing during supplement development stems from our foundation in science. res is founded by Dr. Vivek Lal, a double board-certified physician-scientist and an authority in microbiome research.

Scientifically Proven

res supplements undergo extensive research through in vivo, in vitro, and ex vivo testing and clinical trials to deliver targeted long-term restoration. Our evidence-based practices promote a new paradigm of gut wellness: proactive, targeted, and easily accessible. 

Highest Standards

Our standards set us apart. We collaborate with leading scientists, researchers, and manufacturers on everything from ingredient sourcing to preclinical and third-party stability testing for optimal absorption and meaningful benefits. 

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“I have had difficulty breathing my entire adult life. I am unable to take inhaled prescriptions. A few days after taking resB, I noticed my breathing felt easier. It almost felt cool in my lungs.

Now a few months in, my coughing is significantly reduced.”

— Sandy F, Brooklyn, New York

I’ve been trying to lose the same 20lb for 5+ years after my last pregnancy. I’ve tried so many different weight loss supplements, activities, and diets, but they all went nowhere. I tried prebeet after hearing about it at yoga, and wow - I’m already down 5lb!!!

— Darlene Gomez, NYC, New York

“I can actually climb up a flight of stairs without getting winded at the top! It worked within a few days. 

Coughing suppressed, and after a week, no more cough!”

— Andrew, Austin, Texas

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We utilize the Gut-X Axis, a term we’ve coined to explain how our gut communicates with other organs across the body, resulting in targeted beneficial results.

Leading “Gut-X Axis” innovation

Prebiotics, probiotics, and postbiotics aren't just for gut support anymore. Our research has found that our gut communicates with our entire body. At res, we call this the Gut-X Axis, and it’s how we deliver precise results.

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