Probiotics for your lungs

ResBiotic is pioneering microbiome-based products for respiratory health.

Transforming the $100B+ Respiratory Disease Market by Tackling a Primary Cause

Chronic respiratory illness is associated with lung dysbiosis (also known as an abnormal lung microbiome) in addition to local and systemic inflammation. An abnormal microbiome induces further inflammation, creating a downward spiral. Enter ResBiotic: probiotics that break the cycle by modulating the inflammation of the body.

Fully Integrated with the resources of University of Alabama at Birmingham

As the flagship brand of ResBiotech Innovation Institute, ResBiotic is supported by:

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Product Pipeline

ResBiotic is developing dietary supplements, medical foods, and pharmabiotics to support lung health.

Probiotic Supplement

Our first product is a dietary supplement, targeting the gut lung axis with a proprietary probiotic blend clinically proven to support lung health.

Medical Foods

Our pipeline of medical foods includes proprietary synbiotic and nutritional formulas for individuals with chronic lung diseases.


Our research and development pipeline also includes prescription grade probiotics to be administered via the inhalation route.

Lung Health Starts Here

Join us in revolutionizing the standard of care for chronic respiratory diseases.