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Things are looking up for your lungs*

Probiotics aren't just for your gut anymore. Introducing a doctor-developed formula to support healthy digestion, gut immune function, and lung health.*


Discover the Gut Lung Axis

ResBiotics = Probiotics for the Gut-Lung Axis

But what exactly is a probiotic? The technical definition requires live microorganisms in adequate amounts to confer health benefits on the host (Hill et al, 2014)*

Live Microorganisms

ResBiotics contain live probiotic bacteria strains that have been tested for survivability. Key tests include acid tolerance, bile salt tolerance, pepsin resistance, pancreatin resistance, and adhesion to human intestinal mucosa (Translation: We made sure they'll stay alive, and get where they need to go)

Adequate Amounts

The world's first ResBiotic, resB® Lung Support contains 15B CFU per capsule for a science-backed dose of 30B CFU per day. To preserve potency, our supply chain is temperature controlled every step of the way.

Clinically Studied Strains

The probiotic bacteria strains in resB® have a long history of safe use and have been clinically studied for immune, gastrointestinal, and general health benefits.*

Science-backed from the Start

The world’s first ResBiotic was developed in CEO, Founder, and CSO Dr. Lal’s Pulmonary Microbiome Lab at University of Alabama at Birmingham with research and expertise from the university’s Microbiome Center, Lung Health Center and Translational Research in Normal & Disordered Development (TReNDD) program.

Our Scientific Advisory Board grows every day as we expand our research pipeline and trailblaze microbiome-based nutritional products for lung health.

Meet The Brains Behind our Brand 

The World's First ResBiotic

Probiotic Blend

L. Plantarum RSB11®
L. Acidophilus RSB12®
L. Rhamnosus RSB13®

Botanical Blend

Turmeric Root Extract
Holy Basil Leaf Extract
Vasaka Leaf Extract

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