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Power Gut Bundle

Sale price$66 Regular price$86

World's #1 pulmonologist recommended lung probiotic & best GLP-1 booster ¹

✓ Triple action: probiotic, prebiotic, & bioactives
✓ Respiratory lung support
✓ Boosts GLP-1¹ naturally for weight management   
✓ Seasonal sinus & bronchial support
✓ Improves digestion (bloat & gas, stool regularity)

Within the first seven days, you’ll feel whole-body improvements!*

Size: 1-Month Supply (30 servings)
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Don't just take our word...

“I have terrible allergies. Doctor visits, steroids, breathing treatments, antibiotics—you name it—left me without energy and I couldn't breathe. I'm lucky I came across this bundle. After I started it, I was breathing so much better that I didn't have to stop every five feet to catch my breath and my energy returned!”

— V. L San Antonio, Texas

“I have had difficulty breathing my entire adult life. I am unable to take inhaled prescriptions. A few days after taking resB, I noticed my breathing felt easier. It almost felt cool in my lungs.

Now a few months in, my coughing is significantly reduced.”

— Sandy F, Brooklyn, New York

"The powder is so delicious. The effects are almost immediate and long lasting. Highly recommend."

— Jason Hamilton, New York, New York

How we stack up

res is physician developed, affordable, has a higher power potency (30 billion CFU) than other probiotics, boosts multi-system health and GLP-1 naturally, is clinically studied, and is low FODMAP friendly.

Powerful, natural, & science-backed ingredients

Probiotic blend ingredient in resB probiotic lung support. Multi-strain & clinically studied respiratory probiotics support lung structure and function.*
prebeet ingredient Prebiotic Blend  Digestive support & may reduce appetite while promoting weight management, glucose regulation, & lipid metabolism.*
Nootropic ingredients in res power bundle. B12 & beets support the nervous system, metabolism, brain health, energy, and mood regulation.*
Nootropic ingredients in res power bundle. Tumeric & Holy Basil supports respiratory breathing & boosts the immune system.*

Clinical trial results


participants with chronic lung conditions reported quality of life improvement.

resB® Lung Support Probiotic


participants likely to recommend resB® to others.

resB® Lung Support Probiotic


increase in GLP-1 levels in preclinical human cell studies.¹

prebeet® ENERGY+ Prebiotic


increase in beneficial probiotics Bifidobacterium & Akkermansia, which may boost GLP-1¹ and support GI struggles.*

prebeet® ENERGY+ Prebiotic

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¹GLP-1 boost seen in prebeet® human cellular studies.