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prebeet® ENERGY+ Prebiotic

Sale price$39 Regular price$59

Clinically studied & all-natural GLP-1 booster¹

✓ Boosts GLP-1 which may help for chronic health struggles¹*
✓ Curbed food cravings*
✓ Delicious natural berry flavor*
✓ Reduces bloat & gas, improves stool regularity*

Quantity: 1-Month Supply (30 servings)
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“I have to give this product a 100%

I’ve added it to my daily routine about 5 times in the last week but have definitely noticed a more positive outlook and better bathroom experiences. I feel more euphoric.
‘New lease on life’ type feeling.”

— Pam Ortega, Austin, Texas

"I’m taking about 1-2 scoops daily for the past week and I can already feel a difference in my body. It feels like I’m cleaning my gut out and what’s left is a better functioning system. The flavor is outstanding too! I love it - thank you!!"

— Kathy Mackenzie, San Diego, California

"I love prebeet. A scoop gives me a nice, clear mind and really makes me feel like I have super powers in terms of my energy and how my body feels. Getting older, I feel like my body is constantly on the verge of shutting down in one way or another and this product makes me feel like I’m taking control back!"

— Sherrie Jean, Jacksonville, Florida

How we stack up

Alt text: prebeet ENERGY+ prebiotic is physician developed, affordable, boosts multi-system health and GLP-1 naturally, is clinically studied, and is low FODMAP friendly.

Powerful, natural, & science-backed ingredients

prebeet ingredient GLP-1 Blend  May reduce appetite while promoting weight management, glucose regulation, & lipid metabolism.*
prebeet ingredient Prebiotic Blend  Improves digestion, reduces chronic gastrointestinal struggles, boosts immunity, & supports healthy skin.*
Beetroot ingredient in prebeet ENERGY+ prebiotic. B12's nickname could be energy super booster, and in today's fast-paced environment, we could all use a little (or a lot!) of a super boost. That's why we've included a heavy dose of B12. Research shows that B12 is known to support nervous system function, energy metabolism, and brain and mood health. We chose the most natural and easily absorbed methylated B12 to support multiple body functions and optimal absorption.

Clinical trial results


increase in beneficial probiotic Akkermansia, which may increase GLP-1 signalling.¹


participants noted that there were no adverse side effects.


increase in GLP-1 levels in preclinical human cell studies.¹


increase in beneficial probiotic Bifidobacterium for GI relief.*

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¹GLP-1 boost seen in prebeet® human cellular studies.