5 Reasons You Deserve to Feel Your Best Every Day

“Being cut off from our own natural self-compassion is one of the greatest impairments we can suffer. Along with our ability to feel our own pain, goes our best hopes for healing, dignity and love” 

Dr. Gabor Maté

1. You Deserve to Feel Your Best Because You Are Alive

As we watch the years pass, making the most of being alive by honoring our health is crucial to our long-term happiness. A holistic approach is recommended when looking at ways to improve our health because health is like a tapestry. Individual threads are interconnected and interdependent; no one thread can be removed without impacting the whole. 

Our gut is the foundation of this tapestry. It influences digestion, nutrient absorption, immune function, mental well-being, inflammation control, metabolism, and much more. A balanced gut microbiome helps maintain the body's equilibrium by supporting proper nutrition, protecting against disease, and even impacting mental and emotional health. By nurturing a healthy gut, we can significantly enhance our overall wellbeing and reduce the risk of various health issues.

Life isn’t measured solely by the number of years lived, it’s the quality of those years that matters.

2. You’re Trying Your Best

Living every day by your values is key to you trying your best. While no one is perfect, what matters most is that you’re doing the right thing according to your own life compass and path to healing. Self-improvement routines can take a lot of emotional commitment and self-motivation, which can be tricky when you’re constantly trying to find more hours in a day. 

Whether it’s due to a lack of sleep or the midday crash caffeine often causes, you need clean energy sources to support your motivation. These nutrients won’t bring you down, cause jitters, or leave you unfocused but rather will fuel your body and hard work effectively. For example, methylated vitamin B12 supercharges your energy all day by supporting nervous system function, energy metabolism, brain health, and mood.

You're honoring your best efforts by fuelling your body cleanly. 

3. You Know What You Want

You’ve learned to pursue your passions and want to feel great doing it too. Celebrating yourself and all you’ve accomplished through self-care is not a one-day activity but a daily practice for optimal impact. To feel your best and honor your health priorities, start with a thoughtful foundation for your microbiome. If you’ve struggled with an intolerance to dairy or carbs, felt bloated or gassy after meals, or don’t react well to indulgent foods, your body may be signaling to include more fiber as fuel for healthy gut bacteria. 

Fermentable prebiotic fiber has been proven to increase the production of Bifidobacterium, a critical probiotic for digestive wellness, and Akkermansia Muciniphila, a vital bacteria for improving gut barrier function and lining permeability. Eating enough prebiotic fiber helps correct microbial imbalances (bye bad bugs!) and improve digestion. But it doesn’t stop there. With gut health closely tied to your skin's appearance, a healthy gut can decrease collagen breakdown to support skin integrity.

4. You Have Survived, and Now It’s Time to Thrive

If you’re reading this, you’ve survived every one of your most challenging days. You may have a few battle scars, but you’ve gotten stronger and wiser as you’ve pushed forward. There’s something to be said about “ancient wisdom” that can inform how we care for ourselves and what we put in our bodies.

Today, we can learn from the old (traditional remedies) and the new (scientific studies) to find what works best. Beets have long been celebrated for improving circulation, blood flow, and energy, which we now know is partly due to increased nitric oxide production. Sometimes we need to look to past wisdom to drive future progress.

5. You are Worthy

Imagine us as friends telling you how much we care and appreciate you for who you are. We wrote this reminder to take care of the tapestry of your health because we genuinely believe you deserve to feel your best every day. 

This profound belief was the intention behind launching the clinically studied, all-natural recipe in prebeet® as another way to support your well-being. The recipe combines prebiotic benefits with the most natural and easily absorbed ingredients to support optimal absorption for whole body benefits. 

We hope to be a part of your health journey, supporting you as you are today and who you want to be tomorrow.

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