How to Continue Enjoying Regular, Healthy Bowel Movements

How to Continue Enjoying Regular, Healthy Bowel Movements

The ResBiotic Team The ResBiotic Team
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So you’ve taken the Bristol Stool Test and scored with Types 3 and 4, congratulations! Experts consider types 3 and 4 the most healthy and typical stool forms. The Bristol Stool Test was created by Ken Heaton, MD, from the University of Bristol in 1997. With the help of his 66 volunteers, they changed their diets and tracked their bathroom experiences to understand how diet travels through the digestive system. This research has enabled physicians worldwide to benchmark bowel-related conditions and create customized treatment plans. 

For those fortunate enough to enjoy regular, healthy bowel movements, it's essential to maintain habits that contribute to ongoing digestive well-being. Here are three tips to help you continue experiencing the benefits of healthy and happy bathroom experiences.

Balanced Diets: A diet rich in fiber helps regulate bowel movements. Ensure your diet includes diverse fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and lean proteins to provide the necessary nutrients for optimal digestive function. The fiber in prebeet® helps to keep your stool consistent* and is also suitable for special diets like low FODMAP. 

Always be Hydrated: Staying well hydrated  (~2.7L for women, ~3.7L for men per day) prevents stools from becoming difficult to pass. Aim for at least eight glasses of water daily, and consider incorporating a tasty scoop of prebeet®! Which would also improve your skin’s appearance as an added bonus while reducing bloating and gas.*

Stay Active: Regular physical activity stimulates bowel movements. Keeping up with your preferred physical activity for at least 30 minutes promotes digestive health. If you’re ever lacking the energy to move, consider how prebeet® can boost your energy naturally - improving stamina and physical performance* without stimulants like caffeine or sugar. 

By adhering to these three tips, you can ensure continued healthy bowel movements and support your overall digestive well-being.

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