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Microbiota of the Human Body

A Brief Scientific History 

The Lung Microbiome

The lung microbiota is the pulmonary microbial community consisting of a complex variety of microorganisms found in the lower respiratory tract, particularly on the mucous layer and the epithelial surfaces. These microorganisms include bacteria, fungi, viruses, and bacteriophages. 

In the last 5-10 years, associations between alterations in airway microbiota and airway diseases have been reported at an increasing rate. Resbiotic founder and Chief Scientific Officer C. Vivek Lal, in his research at UAB, has been a pioneer of this research. 

The Gut-Lung Axis

Studies show that the gut microbiome has the ability to impact the lung physiology through several mechanisms such as the immunological modulation of mucosal immune response, regulation of systemic inflammation, physical transfer of bacteria, and the mesenteric lymphatic system.

ResBiotic targets these pathways to deliver benefits to the lung microbiome through probiotic supplement and medical food products.

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